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Behind the Scenes Tour

Take a behind the scenes tour of the Dyslexia Educational Network (DEN) Broadcasting at Robert Langston founder, author and father of a fourth generation dyslexic child, takes us inside the members only section of DEN. Langston talks about why he established this first ever broadcasting company dedicated to dyslexia. He speaks plainly about his vision, commitment and content contribution to DEN's members while clicking through the sites special features, original content and future production schedule. was lunched as a high value / low cost broadcasting resource site to serve it's parents, teachers, administrate and dyslexic membership.


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Why DyslexiaEd?

This video and it's content is the property of the Dyslexia Educational Network, Inc. found at the website DyslexiaEd owned and operated by Robert Langston.

What is is an audio/video broadcast based resource and community site for dyslexia.

Our educational network offers access to exclusive training videos, testimonials and interviews with industry leaders and professionals, and our community forum where you can engage with parents, supporters, educators, and other dyslexics in ongoing support and conversations covering a wide range of help topics. Our hope is to utilize our community to broaden the awareness and support of dyslexia, and to give valuable resources to help meet the challenges that dyslexics face from elementary school through adulthood.

The Dyslexia Educational Network (DEN): With the information contained on, we will educate, motivate, and inspire. We will strive to present high-quality, involving content that engages our members on both personal and social levels. DEN is committed to producing relevant content that will not only cultivate our relationship with our members but will also foster members’ relationships with each other. We recognize the significance of expanding social and educational media technologies in the creation of global communities. Through our programming, we aspire to be a driving force in fortifying the dyslexic global community with content that values individual strengths and struggles to generate understanding and acceptance for the dyslexic population. is a website developed by nationally recognized dyslexia advocate and author Robert Langston for the advancement of both children and adults with dyslexia. Langston is dyslexic himself and has identified an overwhelming need within the estimated one billion dyslexics worldwide and the people supporting them. This population needs the most reliable research-based information available today, to give them hope and community, delivered in real time with real world advice and experience, conveyed in an online format conducive to both language-based learners (readers) as well as auditory visual learners (dyslexics).

Our Mission

Be a force for change in the educational, social, and emotional life of individuals with dyslexia by creating an online mecca for anyone with a vested interest in positive life outcomes for individuals with language-based learning disabilities.