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Have you ever wondered why the vast majority of resource websites for dyslexia are all TEXT based? Isn't dyslexia a reading disability? Robert Langston, a dyslexia expert, a dyslexic himself and father of a dyslexic son, asked and answered this very question with the launch of The Dyslexia Educational Network (DEN). DEN is a broadcasting company dedicated to dyslexia broadcasting on is committed to bringing you everything and more than the TEXT based websites do, but in a more dyslexia friendly audio / video broadcasting format.

Take a peek at some of the broadcasts our members will enjoy.

What Teachers Are Saying

Why Dyslexia Educational Network?

Oral Testing Levels The Playing Field - Free Trial Broadcast

Education VS Incarceration - Free Trial Broadcast

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For a limited time only, the Dyslexia Educational Network will be offering a 50% lifetime membership package for our charter members. Yearly membership is $149.00, but Charter Members will get a 50% reduction in their subscription for a yearly subscription of only $75.00! And yes, that membership fee will never increase as long as you don't cancel your subscription.

Our Charter Membership offers access to the networks exclusive training videos, testimonials and interviews with industry leaders and professionals, and our community forum where you can engage with parents, supporters, educators, and other dyslexics in ongoing support and conversations covering a wide range of help topics. Our hope is to utilize our community to broaden the awareness and support of dyslexia, and to give valuable resources to help meet the challenges that dyslexics face from elementary school through adulthood.