Can one person make a difference for a dyslexic child?

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Can one person… lot of people in here… can one person really make a difference in a child’s life? Yeah, oh your mom can, sure, a parent can, a guardian can, a teacher can… that’s powerful stuff. But one single person? How about someone who didn’t believe in it in the first place? Like my high school science teacher, who said ‘Rob’s failing my class.’ Right. The F comes home. What happens? Mom’s in there, right. We’re both in there, Dr. Newton says, ‘okay you’re failing my class, you’re not really doing that well, I don’t know what to do about it. What can we do?’ Right. Well how about you give me oral testing, untimed tests, separate classroom to take the test in…. Dr. Newton says ‘okay meet me before school test day; I’ll actually read it to you myself cause I like administering my own tests, and if you answer the questions I’ll give you credit for knowing the answers.’ Right. And he did that. And so the end of the semester…the end of the school, he then turns around – and I’m going to see if I can nail it quickly or not in here – he turns around and writes a letter. A one-page hand-written letter that paraphrasing says ‘Rob was failing my class until I gave him alternative class time, oral testing and maybe the combinations for him. When I did that he became an A-B student in my class. Why do I have this one hand written letter... Join for full broadcasts and transcripts.