Dyslexia and the Charismatic Adult

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So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to tell you some stories about the charismatic adults in my life. The #1 one being my mother cause my mother had an impact on me that was amazing, because of the way she thought about me, and the way she thought about school and education. Because when we were going through school we didn’t realize we’d done anything all that special. Until I actually graduated from the university and then people started saying ‘Rob how’d you do that? You know with no reading, writing or arithmetic skills, how do you have a diploma? How are you out there? So what we’re going to talk about today is what the education system can do for you. Cause people also say ‘Rob the education system really failed you didn’t it?’ No. It didn’t fail me at all. It turned out a lifetime learner that loves learning, by meeting my learning style and meeting my learning needs. That’s powerful stuff. And that’s what education can do today. We have a system in place to save these kids before they go to prison. It’s called education. And we can do it. So how important is it that you’re here today? What I’m telling you is it’s life or death for these kids. It is literally life or death for these kids. Cause if they’re not making it in education today, they’re not making it. It’s absolutely that simple. So in understanding this I got to thinking about it and I thought ‘well I need to reflect back on how this all happened.’ Now I could get up here… and I have a little sheet of paper here… and I could just go down and tell you, okay if you make these accommodations for students they’ll have a chance to survive. And I could tell you the oral testing, untimed test, separate classroom… I could tell you all these accommodations but what I want to do today for you is tell you the story behind the accommodation, cause that’s where we are. That’s where the charismatic adults are. That’s where the people who can make a difference for these children are... Join DyslexiaEd.com for full broadcasts and transcripts.