Separate Class For Testing Benefits Dyslexics

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So you know, when do you let go? You don’t have to let go. And so all of a sudden, here we come into the school with me in tow. This time mom doesn’t go to the teacher though. She goes to the administrator, right. She goes to the vice principal. And she said, I’ve got a problem. Rob… the changing of bells and the changing of classes is messing up Rob when it comes to his testing. What I need is the third accommodation – I need for you to give him a separate classroom for him to take his test in. Right so what’s the school say? Oh we have tons of class, we’ve got tons of room, tons of teachers. Yeah, we’ll do that for Rob. No problem. Well no it wasn’t that easy, right? But my mom will tell you, she cried, she got angry. She did whatever she had to do to get me what I needed. So what they literally did… Join for full broadcasts and transcripts.