Untimed Test Stregthens Dyslexics’ Resolve

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I hit middle school – and every teacher’s different, right – so I hit a teacher who said, “I’m not going to oral test Rob. I just don’t believe in it. Not gonna do it.” So before my mom moved me to my new teacher – whoever that was going to be – she would ask a question… you know what’s so funny, and again going from your gut…  After serving on the state advisory panel for special education for the Georgia Department of Education for 7 years, taking the reauthorization and making it fit the rules and regs for Georgia, I realize that mom actually asked the question that is the letter of the law today. She would always say, ‘what do you believe a reasonable accommodation for my child is based on his learning disability?’ So when she asked that, this one teacher said, “well I’ll give him all the time he wants to take this test. I think that’s a reasonable accommodation.” Right. So then my mom turns to me and says, ‘can you do that.’ Now that’s a powerful part of this. My mom turns to me and says can you do that. .. Join DyslexiaEd.com for full broadcasts and transcripts